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Step 1: Create a Company Account
The Bench is a tool to supercharge your Product Design recruiting efforts. We provide a heavily curated network of talent and enable you to send comprehensive details about the opportunity to join your team - all in a single click.

Our platform is designed to help you selectively send a detailed overview of the role, while doing so at scale through a single-click workflow and unlimited invitations.
Step 2: Create a Job Listing (1x)
The only setup step is to create a Job Listing.
This will include complete details about your organization, the current Product & Design orgs, and the focus of the open position.

Nobody really believes that static job descriptions are effective, right?
Our Briefs allow you to provide Designers with a clear picture of the impact they can make in this opportunity and are included in each invitation you send.
Step 3: Search the Network
You can browse our growing network of 10,000+ Product Designers by experience level, current product focus, location, and more.
Alternatively, search hundreds of Company Profiles and look through the current and previous Product Design teams for sourcing inspiration.

Each Designer Profile includes work history and full portfolios without leaving The Bench site.
Step 4: Single-click Invite
When you come across a Product Designer of interest, simply click Send Job Details and the full Job Brief is presented with a request to connect for an introductory conversation.

We intro you directly via e-mail • Unlimited invitations • No placement fees

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