The Bench is a boutique Executive Search Firm specialized in Design. We partner with select, Design-led organizations to help tell the story of what design means to their business, how it impacts growth, and what's needed to elevate the team.



A new standard in talent acquisition for the Design community.

Our role is to sift through the market and find the opportunities that truly represent something unique. We carefully select our clients by meeting with Exec teams, conducting in-depth assessments of their vision for the Product and Design orgs, and selecting those that truly value a user-centered approach.
We then craft a go-to-market strategy specific to each company’s team, product vision, hiring plans, and interview process.



10,000+ of the best Designers in the world

We invest heavily in identifying and building relationships with standout Product Designers, UX Researchers, Brand Designers, and Design Leadership. We believe in a relentless pursuit of impact and are guided by a fundamental philosophy that people don't take jobs, they join missions.
As a Designer, you have invested countless hours in meticulously crafting a portfolio or body of work that demonstrates your creativity, contribution, and impact - you deserve a human-centered search experience in return.

Our job is to ensure you know about the right opportunities for your career. Sometimes those are with our clients, other times its companies & teams we know well but don’t personally represent. We focus on surfacing the best role for each individual and delivering a more effective way to connect you with the relevant people in your space.

Learn. Collaborate. Grow.




We have been fortunate to partner with incredible clients.

Each client is at a different stage of their Design journey. We represent early-stage startups making Design hire #1 and partner with established orgs as they continue to scale the team and bring in new leaders.

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